Trams in Cieszyn 1911-1921 Česky   Polski
Cieszyn and Český Těšín are towns on the River Olza situated on both sides of the border which divides the former Cieszyn Duchy into Polish and Czech parts. One of the elements of the rich history of the towns, which at one time were undivided, is the tramline. Although it only functioned for 10 years it still today evokes nostalgia for the "good old days".

This website presents the history of the Cieszyn (Teschen) tramline and the equipment used on it, and documents everything that has survived to the present day. The gallery presents unique photographs, most of them previously unpublished, and postcards of Cieszyn. They belong to the collection of the Museum of Cieszyn Silesia in Cieszyn and the private collections of Henryk Wawreczka, Antoni Pasterny and Krzysztof Puzik. There is also a short film dating from those times.

The website was created in cooperation with the Museum of Cieszyn Silesia in Cieszyn

The author would like to thank Irena French and David French for English translation
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