Trams in Cieszyn 1911-1921 Česky   Polski
The Cieszyn tramcar fleet consisted of 4 electric tramcars built by Ringhoffer company from Prague (nos. 77793 through 77796). The depot, the power station and the tram rails were built by the Viennese firm AEG. The company also supplied the tramcars with electrical equipment.
The same types of cars were also used in Ústí nad Labem
The town of Ústí nad Labem (currently in Czech Republic) bought tramcars which were almost identical to the Cieszyn model. Six of the cars built in 1909 differed from the Cieszyn fleet because of their different engines (2x25 kW) and some details of the body. When in use they underwent several modifications. The last tramcar (no. 21) functioned until 1965.

History of tramcars of Ústí nad Labem (Petr Ježek).

Tramcars nos. 23 and 25 in front of the Post Office
(today in the Czech Republic).

Each tramcar was 7.88 m long, 2.1 m wide and 3.24 m high. The axle width was 1 m. Each car weighed 10,800 kg.

The body of the car was wooden, but covered with metal panels up to half way up the car. The interior was covered with varnished wooden panels. Each window could be opened by sliding it down. Apart from that there were also vents over the windows. The passenger section was separated from the tram driver by a sliding door. There were two lines of seats; single on one side and double on the other. Each car had 18 seats with standing room for 13.
Two 22 kW electric AEG engines were fitted on the axles. Power was collected through a bow collector.
The tram had headlights at the front of the car and on the roof; and interior lighting.
Destination plates written in German - Bielitzer-Strasse and Bahnhof - were located at the front of the car and in the windows.

Three tramcars would be on the route at the same time, while the fourth would be waiting in the depot. Trams ran every 10-12 minutes. The journey in one direction took 12 minutes.

At the beginning the tramcars were painted white and red. They were also decorated with the town crest of Cieszyn. After the First World War the colour was changed to dark green and the destination plates in German were removed. However, they were not replaced by different ones owing to disagreement over the language to use.

CieszynŁódĽ(within ŁWEKD 1900-1939 and 1945-1950, LEZ 1939-1945 and MPK in ŁódĽ from 1950)
Fleet numberF. no. from 1924 to 1949F. no. from 1949Date of the end of serviceF. no. after conversion into trailer carDate of the end of service of trailer car
139103931.12.19551193† 1.05.1957
2401040† 1.10.1956
341104113.07.19561194† 9.05.1959
4421042† 1.02.1956

Tramcars in 1911-1920
(Städtische Strassenbahn Teschen)

Tramcars from 1920 until the closure of the route

Tramcars after modernization in ŁódĽ in the twenties and thirties
(Łódzkie Wąskotorowe Elektryczne Koleje Dojazdowe)

Tramcars during World War II
(Litzmannstädter Elektrische Zufuhrbahnen)

Tramcars in mid-fifties
(Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne w Łodzi)
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